Reporter and editor

Colors magazine 

Migration issue



This spread opened the Migration issue of Colors magazine. It showed the proliferation of borders by comparing the number of countries in 1914 (left) and 2014 (right).

Creative direction: Patrick Waterhouse. Editing: Cosimo Bizzarri, Caitlin Hu. Art direction: Ramon Pez. Design: Christoph Miller. Creative consultancy: James Mollison. Photo editing: Laia Abril, Mauro Bedoni. Illustration: Fanqiao Wang

Super magazine

Digital terror

Research, writing


I used images and videos shared by the Islamic State on social media to report this article. Two parallel timelines compare the group’s war strategy in Syria and Iraq with its strategy online, including digital campaigns of propaganda, recruitment, and terror.

Editor-in-chief: Denis Russo Burgierman. Editor: Felipe van Deursen. Designer: Jorge Oliveira. Illustrator: Davi Augusto

Colors magazine 

Football issue

Research, writing


For the football issue of Colors magazine, I wrote about a team of newly-arrived refugees in Melilla, Spain; a manager recruiting and trading players in Accra, Ghana and his hopes of selling them to clubs in Europe; and a community obsessed with Brazilian football in Abadan, Iran.

Creative director: Patrick Waterhouse. Editors: Cosimo Bizzarri, Caitlin Hu. Art director: Ramon Pez. Designer: Christoph Miller. Creative consultant: James Mollison. Photo editors: Laia Abril, Mauro Bedoni. Illustrator: Fanqiao Wan. Photographers: Nicolò Lanfranchi, Gianfranco Tripodo, Abbas Kowsari

Super magazine

How It Works section

Research, writing, editing


I reported and eventually edited the How It Works section of Super magazine, where we explained with infographics the workings of weather forecasting, hostage negotiations, the death row, deep-sea diving, pickpocketing, and whale hunting.

Editor-in-chief: Sergio Gwercman. Reporters: Anna Carolina Rodrigues, Nathan Fernandes. Designers: Rafael Quick, Ricardo Davino, Paula Bustamante. Illustrator: Luciano Veronezi. 


Objects book

Research, writing


I helped research and write a book published by Quartz about the objects that power the global economy. I profiled a Japanese startup that wants to clean outer space, talked about biometrics with a woman born without fingerprints, profiled an Australian company that wants to mine the seabed, and ranked passports according to the access they give to global cities.

Editors: Caitlin Hu, Lauren Brown. Art director: Ramon Pez. Photo editor: Johnny Simon